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This scene from the Confederate Embassy Ball shows Southern culture resplendent in ballroom finery . . .

The Confederate Memorial Association wishes to preserve the finest traditions of the South. Our organization condemns both slavery and racism. We are strong proponents of individual liberty, hospitality, and a Southern culture that respects the dignity of all.


The CMA sponsors annual Confederate Embassy Balls during the Memorial Day weekend, complete with antebellum gowns and Confederate uniforms. As a part of the weekend activities, the CMA also has a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, which includes a speech at the Confederate Monument in the cemetery to highlight the significance of the Southern Cause.

In 1996, the CMA assisted the Sons of the Confederate Veterans organize the Centennial Ball, which was held in Richmond at the Jefferson Hotel on August 3rd.

During the third week of January of each year, the CMA hosts a reception to commemorate the birth of General Robert E. Lee.

In the first Saturday in March, the CMA has a Confederate Hunt Party in Rappahannock County, Virginia, which features horses over timber, country hams, and Southern Hospitality.

Public Education

The Hall has been used in recent years as the site for several national television shows and film productions. CMA president John Edward Hurley often appears on radio and television shows to discuss such issues as the display of the Confederate flag, affirmative action, and heritage and constitutional issues as they relate to the history of the South. He also travels throughout the country speaking on how and why Southern culture should be preserved.

Congressional Testimony

A key part of the CMA's educational efforts is contained in the testimony it has submitted to various committees of Congress. We have testified on the impact federal programs have on our country's diversity and the preservation of our heritage.


The Confederate Memorial Association publishes a newsletter. Online issues of CMA newsletters are available through links on the Confederate Memorial Association Home Page.

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