January 2002 CMA Newsletter


Sarah McClendon, the 91-year-old Grand Dame of the White House press corps who has covered twelve presidents, was reported to have had her White House press credentials effectively lifted.

Last July, all White House reporters are supposed to receive a letter reminding them that their credentials need to be renewed. Sarah McClendon was not sent that letter, apparently on orders of top officials in the White House.

McClendon has been an ardent supporter of the Confederate Memorial Association and continues to serve on its board, despite intense political and legal pressures. In a nationally broadcast C-SPAN tribute to her at the National Press Club, special mention was made of the fact that she had a reputation for resisting some of the most severe political pressures over her long career.

But the Bush administration has apparently had enough of her brand of independent reporting. Not only does she now have no credentials, but she was effectively eliminated from the guest list for the White House Christmas event by being incorrectly informed of the arrival time for the event. She was therefor banished to the West Wing press room while the rest of the press enjoyed the Christmas festivities.

McClendon opted to remain on the Confederate Memorial Association's Board of Trustees despite a massive lawsuit filed against her by political insiders who suggested that the lawsuit would be dropped if she would send her proxy to their client. The idea was to get a vote against CMA President John Edward Hurley in an attempt to neutralize the CMA. McClendon refused.
Sarah McClendon sits out the White House Christmas reception in the White House press room. It was the first White House Christmas reception she has missed while covering 12 presidents.
Left to right, Hurley, General Donald S. Dawson and Col. Ken Blackshaw listen to remarks by the Veterans Affairs Secretary at the National Press Club. Principi cited the National Press Club Post No. 20 in his nationally televised remarks. All of the above are members of the Post.
Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi expresses his appreciation for Sarah McClendon's support for veterans with CMA President Hurley.


A "Freedom Fighter Night" fundraiser that was schedule to occur at Confederate Memorial Hall in November of 1986 was to include Afghan Freedom Fighters, according to CMA President John Edward Hurley who identified the group as the Committee for a Free Afghanistan.

When Hurley cancelled the event as an inappropriate use of the facility under the organization's 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, major litigation was launched against the CMA by various political operatives who were linked to the U.S. intelligence community.
It now turns out that the instructor in Afghanistan culture for the U.S. Special Forces at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, was working for the U.S. Army at the same time that the Freedom Fighter Night was being planned for Confederate Memorial Hall. He was later tried and convicted for his role in the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.

Col. Herbert Harmon, former president and general counsel of the Reserve Officers Association (ROA), is handling the litigation against the CMA. Major General Evan Hultman, former executive director of the ROA was active with the Committee for a Free Afghanistan.

Hurley said he turned down the proposal for the fundraiser that had been made by Admiral James Carey of the Reserve Officers Association and Richard Hines, a major political contributor and $550,000 lobbyist for the Cambodian government. Cambodian dictator Hun Sen is a former Khmer Rouge and a longtime friend of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Hines failed to report his political expenditures in the 2000 presidential primary race, a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act that has been called to the attention of Attorney General John Ashcroft.


According to House Committee on Foreign Affairs Report on State Department and intelligence community involvement in domestic activities, a Bill Greener was invited to contribute his public relations skills so that freedom fighters could be favorably viewed by the U.S. public.

A William Greener, of Greener and Hook, represents the Credit Union National Association. Greener's partner, John Czwartacki, is a friend of Richard Hines and has now been appointed as a top aide to the FEMA director, who is a key member of the task force against terrorism. A Confederate bank account was wired down to North Carolina, back to Virginia, and was subsequently found at the Mid™Atlantic Credit Union in Maryland, a credit union that is represented by Greener & Hook.

These were the funds that used to finance the million-dollar lawsuit against the CMA by Herbert Harmon of the Reserve Officers Association. Judge John H. Bayly jailed CMA President Hurley when Hurley insisted that the funds in the account were a part of a fraud against the CMA. "We now know why Judge Bayly quashed the subpoena for the account," Hurley said.

Harmon, a former president and general counsel of the Reserve Officers Association, had worked with Major General Evan Hultman. Gen. Hultman had supported the Afghan Freedom Fighter movement that later included the Taliban and the Northern Alliance.

Questions need to be answered by Judge William Jackson, who consistently ruled against the CMA without revealing that his wife was a Justice Department official in the Domestic Terrorism Section.

Judge Joan Zeldon, who also ruled against the CMA, recused herself when it was learned that she had a conflict that she did not reveal.

All of the above judges have no public financial disclosure records, although they enjoy princely remuneration and benefits commensurate with the federal judiciary, who are required to publicly disclose their financial dealings.


CMA President John Edward Hurley and his wife were enjoying a Big Mac when they were approached by a 260 pound, 36-year-old thug who attacked Mr. Hurley screaming "Kiss the Flag," yelling the "N" word, and lacing with profanity his view of the Florida election. After inflicting serous and permanent physical damage to Mr. Hurley's leg at the McDonald's he left the premises.

Despite being seriously injured, Mr. Hurley pursued his assailant for approximately nine blocks until he pointed him out to a passing police officer. The assailant then threatened to kill the police officer and tried to unholster the officer's gun. Another eleven officers arrived on the scene to subdue the assailant.

At the scene, the assailant, Marshall Gilbert Jr., had claimed to be with the Coast Guard. This was confirmed by Detective Neil Hanrahan. Subsequently, Detective Hanranhan and Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Jason McCandless have indicated that no record exists of Mr. Gilbert's affiliation with the Coast Guard.
The U.S. Coast Guard has failed to respond to the CMA's Freedom of Information Act request for information on the assailant and Coast Guard employees who have been active in the lawsuit against the CMA, including Vicki Heilig, Commander William Ashforth and Shonda Milhon. What is known, however, is that the U.S. Coast Guard employed one of the main litigants against the CMA and hatched a plan to dissolve the CMA in the base commander's office at their Martinsburg, West Virginia Coast Guard facility, which is a top secret computer security center.

The attack on Mr. Hurley was caught on videotape.

Several years ago a government contractor truck broad-sided Mr. Hurley's automobile and totally demolished the vehicle. Miraculously, Mr. Hurley survived only to learn that the driver of the truck was fined $50 and never showed up in court. This also occurred in Arlington County, Virginia.

Asked to comment on the serious brushes with death, Mr. Hurley said that "as the Constitution becomes a distant memory, my ability to avoid assassination is markedly curtailed."

The attack on Mr. Hurley occured at this McDonald's Playland Restaurant on Lee Highway in Arlington , Virignia.


The Confederate Memorial Association participated in the town Christmas parade in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The sign on the side of the CMA's staff car banner emphasized the CMA's support for homeland security. In addition to CMA President Hurley, Vice President Mark Graef and his one-year-old son participated in the parade.

Following the parade, the CMA delegation was received at a Christmas reception at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Fink.

Some scenes from the Martinsburg, West Virginia Christmas parade.

The CMA's Annual Meeting showed that the organization is growing in its dedication to the preservation of a Southern culture. The President's Report emphasized the valuable contribution that the South has made, and is making, to the improvement of society.

Held at the Fairview Park Marriott Hotel in Fairfax, Virginia, discussion at the event included a variety of topics. High on the agenda was the discussion of the Confederate flag issue and what the prospects are for the survival of other Southern symbols and monuments.

CMA President Hurley cited a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article, in which he was interviewed regarding the establishment of a new monument to the Confederate soldiers in Texas.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the slate of the nominating committee was approved. Hurley was re-elected as CMA president.
Mrs. Roger Wrenn Carroll, CMA Secretary and
former Curator General of the Daughters of
the American Revolution, and Mrs. David S.
Hawkins (right), longtime CMA board member
and President of the Southern Dames of
America, at the CMA board meeting.


John Czwartaki, the newly appointed Director of Public Affairs for the Federal Emergency Management Administration and a partner in the firm of Greener and Hook, has been linked to the lawsuits against the Confederate Memorial Association.

Not only has Czwartacki participated in ceremonies sponsored by litigants against the CMA, but he has failed to explain his possible conflict of interest in working for a firm that represents the credit union where it is alleged that over $400,000 was used to finance a lawsuit against the Confederate Memorial Association.

The CMA subpoena for this account was mysteriously quashed by Judge John H. Bayly.


When former Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works was appointed to Vice President Dick Cheney's staff in the White House, loud objections were heard from those who decried the fact that she had represented both Pakistan and China.

Other objection are now being raised as she moves over to become Deputy Director to Mitch Daniels, who heads the Office of Management and Budget.

Opponents believe that the post is too sensitive from a national security standpoint for such an appointment, and the Confederate Memorial Association thinks that she needs to explain why she signed off on the funding arrangements of those who litigated against the CMA.


The membership of the Confederate Air Force has selected Commemorative Air Force (CAF) as its new name, CAF officials announced at a press conference in Midland, Texas. 

Over 82 percent of the members of the organization had previously voted to change the name, saying that the name did not reflect the mission of the organization, which is the preservation of World War II aircraft.

CMA President Hurley said that the voted demonstrated how mush more work needs to be done to eradicate the negative connotation of the word "Confederate." He said that the Confederate Memorial Association will be retaining its name.



The Confederate Memorial Association is protesting the appointment of Vicki Heilig to the National Association of Securities Dealers staff.

John Edward Hurley, president of the CMA, said that a secret credit union account had been set up by Heilig who, by her sworn testimony, has spent over $400,000 to sue the Confederate Memorial Association.

Not only had this account been identified as part of a money-laundering operation, Hurley said, but Heilig has been identified with Russell Pritchard, who was charged in a criminal indictment with a variety of felonies, including multiple counts of defrauding a descendant of Confederate General George Pickett. Heilig's role in involving the U.S. Coast Guard in the lawsuit against the Confederate Memorial Association is documented in the court record of the case.

Because the NASD has a regulatory role with the securities industry, Mr. Hurley said the appointment was especially troubling.
Vicki Heilig


Under the terms of a plea agreement, Russell Pritchard III pled guilty to a series of counts involving fraudulent appraisals of Civil War items. Over a million dollars was involved in the scheme that included the defrauding of the descendants of Confederate General George Pickett.

Russell Pritchard III was listed as a witness in the case against the Confederate Memorial Association. He used his father's address in Tennessee in the CMA court papers.

The plea agreement in the Philadelphia case requires the defendant to provide substantial assistance in the investigation and prosecution of another person who has committed an offense.

Pritchard's name was listed in court papers involving Vicki Heilig and Richard Hines, both of whom had orchestrated the litigation against the CMA. Since this litigation has resulted in a substantial monetary loss to the CMA through fraudulent appraisals, Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Goldman is being kept abreast of the circumstances surrounding the CMA case.

The dispute over the CMA property is especially intriguing because of Judge William Jackson's refusal to allow the CMA to depose Mr. Pritchard.

Pritchard had been a star on the "Antiques Road Show" television program.


Confederate General Robert E. Lee has had his birthday celebrated at the U.S. Capitol Building for most of the past century.

Since House Speaker Dennis Hastert apparently cancelled the Jefferson Davis birthday celebration in June of last year, many are concerned that General Lee's celebration will also be cancelled.

Speaker Hastert's office has yet to reply to inquiries on the matter.


The Alexandria, Virginia boyhood home of General Robert E. Lee, which has been undergoing a massive restoration, is on schedule and expected to be completed, possibly within the next year.

The Confederate Memorial Association, while unsuccessful in its bid for the property, did achieve a measure of success. In the CMA's presentation to the National Trust for Historic Preservation it emphasized the importance of keeping the property from those who are hostile to Southern culture, and this was accomplished.

The presentation also stressed the importance of having at least some public access to the home. The current owners have indicated that they are amenable to some public visitation.
Restoration work continues on Lee's Alexandria, Virginia home.


Confederate Hunt Party to be held on March 2

The Confederate Memorial Association's traditional hunt party will be held this year at the Rappahannock Hunt Point-to-Point Races on Saturday, March 2, near the Bleu Rock Inn at Washington, Virginia. CMA members and friends of the association are invited to this annual event, which features "Southern Horses, Southern Hams and Southern Hospitality." Plan to arrive about noon to catch the first race.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-66 West to Gainesville, Route 29 south to Warrenton, and Route 211 to the Washington, Virginia site (approx. 25 miles from Warrenton). Park in General Parking, pay the Rappahannock Hunt fee ($8 adults/children free) and look for the area in the reserved section marked by Confederate flags.


By John Edward Hurley


Washington, known for its monuments and symbols of power, is less known for what goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes it is so far behind the scenes that Washington insiders can't figure it out.

Take, for example, the Afghanistan situation. It was only a few years ago that the Afghans were freedom fighters that were working hand in glove with our U.S. intelligence forces, both domestic and foreign. Funding for such operations was abundant, and there was largely a no-questions-asked policy to qualify for the billions of taxpayer dollars that were being doled out.

Now these same folks, who make up the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Northern Alliance, and assorted other ruthless political factions, are being mixed and matched for new political alliances.

And many of the same folks who made a handsome living advising on how to get funding for the liberation of Afghanistan from the Soviet Union, are now queuing up to get a piece of the action in rebuilding Afghanistan.

In the intelligence world and CIA parlance, there is a term called "blowback." Blowback refers to the unintended - and some times cataclysmic - consequences of an intelligence policy that goes awry. Obviously, most intelligence operatives spend a lot of time covering up these cases because they carry the potential of derailing their intelligence gravy train that Congress so readily continues to load with all sorts of goodies.

As an example, take the case of an obscure downtown Washington Confederate museum. In the eighties, the Afghan freedom fighters, and others representing a variety of covert CIA operations, were advised by their Washington handlers that a "Freedom Fighter Night" was being planned at the museum as a cover to gin up support for their respective causes. Serious money, however, had already been supplied through a $3 billion off-budget operation for the Afghans and others.

However, they ran across a major snag. The director of the museum refused to host the event, saying it violated the tax-exempt status of the organization. But, our covert friends thought, not to worry; we will simply use the funds to sue this uncooperative lout back to the Stone Age.

This they did. They not only sued the director, they sued every member of the organization's voluntary board, they sued the director's wife and his brothers. They even sued senior White House correspondent Sarah McClendon, who had agreed to serve on the board to further Texas culture.

But now, 14 years later, our covert operatives are worried. The director has found out about this domestic covert operation against his heritage association. Investigations are under way to bring to justice those who are responsible for this massive, illegal, taxpayer-funded terrorist assault in the courts. It is now one of the biggest "blowbacks" in the history of the country.

Stay tuned.

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