With the 30th anniversary of the resignation of President Richard M Nixon came the revelation that several of the key members of Nixon’s ‘dirty tricks’ team are still operating today. Not only have they continued their opposition to John Kerry, but they have been linked to the 16-year litigation against the Confederate Memorial Association, which has operated the Confederate Memorial Hall museum in downtown D.C. for most of the last century.

John Edward Hurley, president of the Association, said that the Nixon tapes reveal that Charles Colson, then White House counsel, was working with Pat Buchanan To attack Kerry as "a fraud and a phony," a charge that is being made today. They were also telling Nixon that they were promoting John O’Neill as the point man to discredit Kerry in media appearances. O’Neill is the co-author "Unfit for Command," the controversial book claiming that Kerry lied about his military service.

A current 16-year legal battle that closed the D.C. Confederate museum includes the same individuals, Hurley said. One of Colson’s chief aides who arranged for his speaking engagements for his Prison Ministries, is David Eno, a commander of the Jefferson Davis Camp No.305 that is suing the Association. Pat Buchanan is one of the moving forces behind the controversial Southern Partisan magazine that has contributed at least $30,000 to be used in suing the Association, and is financing other assaults on the Association, according to Hurley.

Eno is currently in the legal counsel’s office of the Federal Credit Union Administration. Hurley said that a secret political slush fund of over $400,000 had been traced to a credit union in Maryland. Eno is also an officer in the Federal Criminal Investigators Association.

Hurley aid that the litigation had been launched against him personally, his wife, and every member of his family.


Reports have reached the CMA that the White House was behind the Confederate cannon salute in Arlington National Cemetery. The salute was approved by the Military District of Washington.

A confidential source has said the Confederate cannon salute was first approved in 2003 to salute the birthday of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. The approval came, according to the source, after over $12,000 was contributed to Republican campaigns a few days before the event in June of that year. The cannon salute was repeated again in June of this year.

A review of Federal Election Commission records indicate that a number of politically active members of the group who sought permission also gave significant political contributions. The group requesting the salute, the Confederate Memorial Committee of the District of Columbia, is headed by military intelligence contractor Vicki Heilig. The immediate past chairman of the group was Richard Hines, who financed the South Carolina smear campaign against Senator John Mc Cain in the 2000 South Carolina primary. The South Carolina campaign was widely described as racial when charges were made that Senator McCain had a black child. Hines’ wife was in the Reagan White House and was in the Secretary of Army’s office for manpower and reserve affairs. Hines’ father in law owned 8000 acres of cotton in South Carolina.

Although this year’s program for the event showed that no U.S. senator sent a memorial wreath to the event , the 2003 program listed both Senator George Allen and Senator John Warner as individuals who had sent wreaths. This program lists the senators’ presenter as Bragdon R. Bowling, Jr., a supporter of attorney Kirk Lyons for office in Confederate organizations. Lyons has represented the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nations.




Confederate cannoneers fire salute at Arlington National Cemetery.



Richard Hines, right, with Michael Virts of the Department of Transportation, center, and Michael Goodloe at the Confederate ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery


The Alexandria, VA office of Richard Hine's consulting firm flies the First National Confederate flag.


Columnist and commentator Robert Novak, right, discusses things Confederate with Confederate Memorial Association President John Edward Hurley.


The president of the Confederate Memorial Association has termed the involvement of active duty U.S. military personnel in a 16-year legal assault on the association a "national disgrace."

John Edward Hurley, who was served as president of the organization for the past 25 years, was named in the litigation individually along with his wife. He said that Col. Jeffrey Addicott and Vicki Heilig were only two of several that he can now identify who perpetrated a fraud on his organization. Addicott, currently head of the terrorism center at the Saint Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, and Heilig, a U.S. Coast Guard contractor, perpetrated a massive fraud on his organization by, among other things, collecting over $100,000 on false claims, according to a witness that Hurley now says he can identify.

Addicott, the author of "Winning the War on Terror," a senior legal counsel for the U.S. Special Forces, and Heilig, a contractor for the U.S. Coast Guard, used their positions to promote a illegal conspiracy against the Confederate Memorial Association that has now been demonstrated to be a complete fraud, Hurley said.

Hurley said that evidence of illegal manipulation of bank accounts clearly showed political money-laundering and a vast conspiracy that could have national implications. Hurley said that Attorney General John Ashcroft has been apprised of the details, but Hurley doubts that he will take any action. He said his correspondence with Ashcroft on the matter had not received a response.

General Ricardo Sanchez, who was in command during the prison abuse in Iraq, is a personal friend of Col. Addicott.

Making the case...


...With Secretary of the Navy England

...With Coast Guard Commandant Collins



The Capitol Hill Civil War Round Table has elected John Edward Hurley as its president .

The Capitol Hill Round Table is one of the most prestigious in the country. It meets at the House Agriculture Committee and has reputation for having leading authors on a variety of topics that deal with the period.

The activities and schedule for the group, which sponsors many Civil War tours, are posted on its website.