News Items from 1997

FBI Supresses More Evidence in Bribery Case

Chief Judge Told of Court Corruption

Evidence of Corruption "Missing" From Court Folder,

But You Can See It Here

Court Action Forces Confederate Museum To Close

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For ten years a group of military/intelligence and "law enforcement" operatives have been attempting to use the Courts to take over the Confederate Memorial Association. The attempt has resulted in the jailing of CMA president John Edward Hurley, and the imposition of onerous fines and sanctions. For a quick overview of the struggle, read Shadow Government and Fronts, and the press releases in The Courts and the Hostile Takeover Attempt. For more detailed information, browse through court filings available on that page.

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Col. Jeffrey Addicott, active duty Army officer in the Judge Advocate General's office in the Pentagon, is a member of the military/intelligence operation attempting to take over the Confederate Memorial Association.

Col. Addicott is pictured here representing the Jefferson Davis Camp No. 305 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans at a speech in Statuary Hall in the US Capitol in January, 1997. Members of Camp 305 produced the racist board game "Home Rulette," which characterized blacks as sub-humans and used pejorative Negro dialect in a denigrating fashion. See page five of Affidavit of CMA president John Edward Hurley for more information.