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November 13, 2002


WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 13 -- Some top Homeland Security officials have been implicated in financing and strategizing a long-standing legal assault on a D.C.-based Civil War association. The president of the association also blames the officials for a physical attack that left him permanently injured where the assailant tried to kill police officers.

John Edward Hurley, president of the Confederate Memorial Association, said that the attack on himself and the police officers occurred about a mile from where accused snipers John Muhammad and John Lee Malvo killed the FBI analyst in Falls Church, Virginia.

Hurley said that his assailant was the son of a U.S. Coast Guard admiral, and that it occurred after he had personally objected to then-Coast Guard Commandant Admiral James Loy that Coast Guard facilities, funds and personnel had been used to pursue the lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court. In addition to the association, the lawsuit was filed against Hurley, his wife, White House correspondent Sarah McClendon and the entire CMA board.

The 15-year litigation was initiated when Hurley refused to host a Freedom Fighter fundraiser for such groups as the Afghanistan Freedom Fighters in 1986. Hurley said that the association's century-old museum and library has been forced to close because of the expenses caused by the litigation.

Admiral Loy, who is currently head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is now responsible for airline safety. Hurley said that he believes he knows why Judge William Jackson, who is sitting on the case, refused to allow Army terrorism expert Jeffrey Addicott to be either deposed or appear as a witness, despite the fact that he was representing the plaintiff's organization while on active duty. Hurley said that the judge's wife is Susan Sinclair, a Justice Department lawyer who works in the Domestic Terrorism Section and has prosecuted airline hijackings.

According to Hurley, another high official in the anti-terrorism effort who became involved in promoting the plaintiff's cause against him was John Czwartacki, former press secretary for Senator Trent Lott. Czwartacki is currently Director of the Public Affairs Division of the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), another sensitive anti-terrorist agency.

Hurley said that these and other top-ranking officials had been dealing with Richard T. Hines, a plaintiff in the litigation and lobbyist for the Ashbury International Group, a Virginia sniper equipment company with Department of Justice contracts.

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