Southern Cites

By John Edward Hurley

On Terrorism and Confiscating Confederate Homes

The ugliness of the War Between the States was illustrated by the unofficial policy to confiscate the private homes of those who opposed the federal government on constitutional grounds.

Robert E. Lee's home (Arlington House) in the nearby Washington metropolitan area of Virginia is a good example. After deliberately burying dead soldiers in his front yard to make the place virtually uninhabitable, they then refused to accept tax payment for the place unless Lee's invalid wife appeared in person to make the payment— an impossibility. Such was the origin of Arlington National Cemetery.

The best contemporary example of a home confiscatory policy can be illustrated by the 15-year litigation against the Confederate Memorial Association (CMA). This has resulted in the confiscation of the hundred-year-old Confederate Memorial Hall in downtown Washington. After threatening the confiscation of every CMA Board Member's home by suing them individually, the federal government is now moving on the home of the president of the Confederate Memorial Association and the girlhood home of his wife in Petersburg, Virginia.

Both homes are part of a federal court action that has officers of the court dining with Judge John H. Bayly, Jr., a judge who sat on the original case against the Confederate Memorial Association in the D.C. Superior Court and who had two of the plaintiffs literally working for him when he was president of the Legal Services Corporation, a federal agency to supposedly help the poor.

And would you believe that the perpetrators of these crimes against the Constitution are key figures for homeland security? Take Judge William Jackson, for instance. He ruled against the CMA without revealing that his wife was working in the Domestic Terrorism Section of the U.S. Department of Justice. Another active litigant against the CMA was Charles Goolsby. He is the contact man at both the Justice and State departments for the International Crime Alert, whose activities can be viewed on the Web as they help track down the most notorious terrorists. Then there is John Czwartacki, Director of Public Affairs for FEMA who worked on the Rewards for Justice Program, which offers up to $25 Million for snitch information on your neighbors. He also worked with the litigants against the CMA.

But, wait. There's more. Col. Jeffrey Addicott, a lawyer for the Special Forces and WMD expert took a leading role in the lawsuit against the CMA while on active duty. As did Admiral James Loy, former commandant of the Coast Guard and current leader of the new Transportation Security Administration, both pivotal agencies in the war against terrorism. A significant additional fact is that the son of a Coast Guard admiral recently tried to kill a police officer in an attempt to dispatch the president of the Confederate Memorial Association that left the association executive permanently impaired from his injuries.

And last, but far from least, is Richard T. Hines, a litigant against the CMA and registered lobbyist for a sniper equipment company and clandestine tracking equipment firm. Federal Election Commission records list Hines as president of Sniper Systems, Inc. Could this be what Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz is referring to when he says the U.S. should hunt down and assassinate folks in self a preemptive strike — maybe in the U.S. Dershowitz has also suggested that such action could be laced with a little torture — maybe by the U.S. courts.

Hines' most obvious Southern characteristic is his status as the son-in-law of the late "Bubba Jim" Mayes, who presided over an 8,000-acre cotton operation in South Carolina and was both president and chairman of the National Cotton Council, one of the largest political contributors to both parties.

With folks such as these running amok in our country with the acquiescence and approval of the White House, both the homeland and America's homes are in serous jeopardy, as we are left without a constitutional roof over our heads.

This terrorist war of the federal government against the Constitution needs to be blunted before we pursue a war abroad.

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